Applied Instructional Design Academy


Are you ready to get off the spiral of burn out, overwhelm, confusion, and frustration, and get clarity, support, focus, paid experience, and accountability, that will ultimately lead to a path of FREEDOM? 


Become a successful  Instructional Designer that STANDS OUT from the crowd, with the skills, knowledge, and tools you need in the Corporate world.


  • Educators (K-12 or Higher Ed) who are burnt out and ready for a second career 
  • Grad school students or recent graduates who have been unsuccessful getting work or are trying to jumpstart their career by bridging the gap between school and what happens in the real world
  • Higher Ed IDs that would like to get into Corporate
  • Anyone looking for a second career that has had to do training for their job and now wants to turn it into a full-time career
  • Anyone looking for a second career who wants flexibility and FREEDOM (coming from any field)


WELCOME to the ONLY Career Development Program you'll ever need to cut the noise, learn and practice what happens in the real-world, bridge the gap, and FAST TRACK your way to a REMOTE INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN CAREER!


  • You are at your breaking point at work and need OUT
  • You are overwhelmed and have no idea where to start
  • You need someone to break down the steps and walk you through each one
  • You have applied to jobs and gotten interviews but haven't been hired.  Now, you need to BRIDGE the gap between what you already know and what happens in the real world
  • You want to create or revise your portfolio so it looks like it's coming from a professional ID
  • You have tried doing it on your own but after applying for a bunch of jobs, you are just getting "Thanks but no thanks" letters and you don't know why
  • You know it's hard to get work without any experience and no one will give you a chance and you need to break that cycle somehow by getting some experience
  • You need someone to hold you accountable to keep going
  • You may have taken an ID course but all it left you with is worksheets, videos, and a lack of action
  • You need a MENTOR with REAL WORLD experience



You KNOW you need to be in an industry that is booming, even during a pandemic, that you can also do online consistently, if needed.

You've thought about ID, and maybe even dabbled in it, but lack of REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE, MENTORSHIP, CONTACTS, and DIRECTION has been the linchpin holding you back from making progress, changing careers, and getting the freedom you've always wanted. 


I'm so glad you found me.. 

Imagine if you could take my 20 years of experience in the field and bottle it up into one program.. 

One that would give you the A-Z of what you need in the real-world, without all the fluff?


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Jon's Journey from Teacher / Master's Degree to Instructional Designer 

I started my job search in 2019 after I left teaching.  My wife took a job that required us to move in October, and I felt confident that I could land something. 

Like most, my grad program didn't prepare me for the corporate world.  They left out development and made no mention of the different modalities.  As I made it past recruiters, then to panel interviews, and then to creating work samples - I found myself filling in gaps to complete tasks, but it was never enough.  Eventually, they figured out my shortcomings. 

I joined Applied Instructional Design Academy in July. I knew what I was doing wasn't working.  I just didn't know how to solve the problem.

Stats starting October 2019

487 applications
41+ interviews
Asked to create 12 custom work samples
1 permanent full-time job offer

Many thanks to Jill for putting this program together.  I'd still be unemployed and wondering why otherwise. 

Thanks to Dunya (my Accountability Coach) for keeping up with me each month and sharing the struggle. 

Thanks for everyone else in the program that has allowed me to share and grow. 

~Jon LaRosa, Applied Instructional Design Academy student

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What if.. could learn from someone else's mistakes and best practices to fast track your way through to being successful in the field?


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What if.. had confidence to walk into an interview and answer the question, "What's your Instructional Design process?"

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What if.. could create a portfolio that looks like it was created by a professional Instructional Designer, avoiding the noticeable "newbie" mistakes?

What if... had a Mentor to ask when your potential new client / employer says something to you and you aren't sure if you are supposed to know what it is (and you don't want to look dumb)?

What if..

you could get real world experience to put on your resume and portfolio and, you know, avoid that chicken and egg thing of not being able to get experience when you don't have any?

What if.. could have someone to ask when that Storyline issue has been tripping you up for hours and you can't seem to find the answer on YouTube?

What if.. had an "in" to all these training agencies that hire freelancers for contract work so you could start developing your pipeline of contracts?

What if.. could sit down and estimate the hours to complete a project and have help when providing a quote to a potential client or contract company?





  • You can read all the books, browse through websites, ask questions in Facebook groups, get motivated and make some progress, then get overwhelmed and stop again.
  • Even after doing all that, you aren't sure what is actually real. Do they really do THAT in corporate? How do I handle when a client does X? How do I know this deliverable would actually be acceptable by a client?   Do I really need to know X?
  • Maybe you apply for a few jobs (or a LOT of jobs in many cases) but don't get anywhere, and of course they don't tell you why. You know your portfolio isn't where it needs to be and you aren't that confident in interviews.
  • You buy one of the inexpensive ID courses out there.. but it just leaves you with worksheets and checklists, not a step-by-step plan. Life gets in the way and you don't take action.
  • A year goes by.. and you are just as confused as before, with no work experience and no confidence in interviews, since you don't know how things really work.
  • You don't have the accountability you need or the confidence to keep going. 
  • That little voice in your head tells you this will never work, and so you stay STUCK.


  • You make a decision to act from the position of your future self, a SUCCESSFUL INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGNER.
  • You give yourself permission to get the support and accountability you need to set intentions and reach your goals and dreams without overwhelm and confusion. 
  • You link arms with a Mentor with 19 years of REAL-WORLD experience in your BACK POCKET to create and follow a step by step, getting detailed feedback along the way, and pushing through what is holding you back.
  • You get real-world PAID experience on real client projects that you can add to your resume.
  • You create an amazing portfolio that employers love and you learn how a corporate ID project actually works.
  • You learn and are able to implement BEST PRACTICES that show you know what you are doing. 
  • You gain confidence in your own abilities and in interviews where you can speak to what actually happens in real life.
  • You achieve your goal of becoming e a SUCCESSFUL, working Instructional Designer who STANDS OUT from the crowd.
  • You achieve FREEDOM using this field as the vehicle for it. 

The Applied Instructional Design Academy is the ONLY REAL-WORLD Instructional Design Program with a 20-year ID veteran that is like a practical Master's degree. It will walk with you side-by-side through a PROPRIETARY step-by-step method that puts together all the pieces of the puzzle, so you can STAND OUT from the crowd of new IDs in the field, successfully jumpstart your career, and gain FREEDOM through this field.

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Miranda's Experience

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I didn’t believe I would be able to jump into contract work without working a more classic, full time position first. I had been applying to ID jobs semi-regularly for 5 months prior to starting the program. My hope had been to strengthen my ID skills, grow my professional network and land 2 contracts by the end of the 6 months.

7 weeks in and I’ve already done that. Through course content and group coaching calls, I was able to improve my resume, portfolio and land my 1st part-time fully remote contract, all about 5 weeks after the course started! I’m looking forward to the remaining months to continue to improve upon that list and gain knowledge from Jill’s expertise.

The ability to actually speak with a mentor and hear other questions and answers weekly has allowed me to accomplish a goal every week. That’s been invaluable.
This program was an investment for me that I was nervous about. I feel I’ve already got my money’s worth, plus some, this early on.

~Miranda Martin, Applied Instructional Design Academy student

The Applied Instructional Design Academy is a compilation of my 20 years in this field, and my 10 years working remotely, packaged up in a nice little bow for you, with all the best practices you need, so you can fast track through the process! No stone has been left unturned. 

I've literally thought through every roadblock you might run into transitioning to Instructional Design, and especially working remotely. 

  • No real world experience? I've got you covered.

  • No portfolio or work you can use in your portfolio? Don't worry, I've got you. 

  • Need a mock interview to build your confidence? Let's make it happen. 

  • Can't seem to get a job and no contacts in the field? I've got you there too. 

  • No Storyline experience? We are going to turn you into an expert.

  • Don't know where to start? I can handle that too. 


It's a PROGRAM, not a COURSE. 

What does that mean? 

I walk you step-by-step through your journey as your mentor.  I have developed a proprietary process for teaching Instructional Design and eLearning Development through my last couple of years or mentoring / coaching and analyzing how people learn this field. It's like a PRACTICAL Master's that teaches you what you actually need to know and prove to employers, BUT you do it at your own pace with a coach guiding you through AND a whole community of support (I know time constraints can be an issue but we will work through that.)

I don't send you a link to some online training and leave you hanging with all the questions and no way to implement.  It's not something that ends after 6 or 8 weeks, leaving you wondering what's next. We implement TOGETHER!

Not only are there training videos and resources to walk you step by step, but you will get real-world coaching, mentorship, and support from me, a 20 year veteran of the field. 

You will learn Instructional Design, eLearning Development, how corporate projects run, Storyline and Rise, and itself, and everything you need to create a portfolio, optimize your resume, find remote work, interview, navigate remote contracts, and land a remote position.

This is a comprehensive solution that will give you what you need from A-Z, or just the part you need, as you will see below.

You also become part of an AMAZING community of support, from our mentors, to our members, and of course, the support you get from me. 

If you are interested, there is no other program this comprehensive out there, with real world experience, that will teach and prepare you to freelance and get remote work in this field! (There are many in the program that are also seeking full-time jobs.)

Interested in taking a look at portfolio and eLearning samples designed and developed by AIDA students while in the program? 

Click the link below. 

**Note that these portfolios and samples were created from SCRATCH 95% of the time. They are not from past work, as they are brand new to the field. 



Click Here to View Portfolios
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May's Journey from Educator to Corporate Instructional Designer

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I was just reflecting on how 2020 went for me.  I have had quite a year going from having no clients for freelance at the start of the year to having more than I can handle by the end of the year. 

One big lesson I learned in Jill's program is not to self-limit the jobs I apply for.  I was so hesitant at first and stuck in my lack of self-confidence that I would only apply to some of the jobs I came across because I didn't feel like I qualified for most of them. 

At one point, I almost didn't accept a contract that a training company offered me because I took a look at all the tasks listed and got worried about not being familiar with half of it.  I asked Jill, and now I'm so glad I accepted that contract that has now become one of the companies that consistently gives me work. 

I'm happy to say that I've accepted a new regular full-time position in ID in a team-lead role that focuses primarily on eLearning Development. At the same time that I received this offer, I was also offered a regular, full-time Senior ID job at another company and was able to negotiate between the two. Both jobs are higher level roles that I normally would have disqualified myself from. 

So for the first time in 19 years, I'm leaving the education field! Excited and nervous to be leaving the corporate world full-time, but so ready for it. 

~May Chang, Applied Instructional Design Academy student


Applied ID Academy is ATD-official! 

If you aren't familiar with ATD, they are the premier trade organization for the field of Instructional Design. We are pre-approved as a professional development company, and Applied Instructional Design Academy will give 60 credits towards the APTD and CPTD certifications they offer, which are industry-recognized certifications in the field. Normally you have to piece together professional development from various approved sources, but we offer the complete package - 60 is all you need.  There is also an experience requirement and a test that you take. 


The credential you will earn is a way of documenting and showing what you have learned in an official way for future employers and clients. It is issued by Credly, the company that issues credentials for big-name companies like SAP, and it is integrated with LinkedIn. 

You will also get a link for your resume, portfolio, or anywhere you want to share it. The credential link will provide details about the tasks and projects you completed and the information you learned in order to earn it.

The credential is comprehensive of the skills it takes to be a successful instructional designer and includes the following: 


  • Projects simulated to reflect real-client work (i.e. you will take a storyboard that looks like what a real client would give you and develop the course)

  • Detailed coach and peer feedback and opportunities to revise and improve 

  • Rubrics and checklists to make sure your work samples for your portfolio and simulated client project deliverables follow best practices and meet industry standards

  • Reflection so you learn the reason behind why things are done the way they are to enhance your performance in the future

There will be 8 badges - eLearning, Instructional Design, Storyline, Rise, Camtasia, Vyond, VILT, and the overall Credential, based on the LEARN framework below: 

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Elaine's Experience

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Hi everyone! I'm Elaine and I have been in the program for almost two months now and it has been an incredible journey. I believe the most valuable resource I have gotten from Jill is her virtual coaching sessions that she hosts THREE times a week on Zoom. You can build a million samples, but they are only great if you have someone else to look at them and give you constructive feedback to improve. Jill, along with the other members in my cohort, have been super receptive and welcoming at these coaching sessions. Whenever I show my samples, they catch my typos, give me new ideas for designing and redesigning my samples, and cultivate a culture of curiosity.
Jill inspired me to drop the "aspiring" in "aspiring instructional designer" and brand myself as an ID because I am one and there really is no time to waste! She recently posted a quote about how people with half the qualifications as you are already doing your dream job and earning your dream salary. This was a huge motivator because I had the mindset that I need to be perfect before I can start getting a job as an ID, but I don't...I just need to take action and to work to be better each day.
Thanks for reading and I hope this gives you motivation to also start your instructional design journey! 🤩🤓

~Elaine Cheng, Applied Instructional Design Academy student

*** Elaine went on to get a full-time contract in Instructional Design after 3 months in the program with a large Fortune 500 company 

What Topics are Covered in Applied Instructional Design Academy? 

Instructional Design and Development

  • Comprehensive Storyline training and practice
  • Rise step-by-step learning plan and practice
  • Camtasia training and practice
  • Vyond training and practice
  • How to apply the learning theories you need to know to real-life projects
  • Lifecycle of a Project
  • ADDIE / SAM / Agile models 
  • How to run a project kick-off meeting and questions to ask the client
  • Real-life application of Needs Analysis
  • Writing Objectives
  • Organizing and Sequencing Content
  • Best practices for eLearning
  • The FOUR Elements of Good eLearning
  • Visual Design and Usability
  • Creating Interactivity in your Courses
  • Finding and Using Images
  • Quiz Development
  • SCORM and the LMS
  • Software Simulations
  • Storyboarding and Script Writing
  • Designing the Learning Experience
  • Design Documents
  • Deciding on Course Delivery Type
  • Estimating Seat Time
  • Developing from client storyboards (vs. creating your own samples)
  • Instructor and Virtual Instructor-Led Training
  • ILT to eLearning Conversion

Landing Your First Contract / Job

  • 10 Steps to Developing a Winning Portfolio
  • Writing a Winning Resume and Cover Letter
  • Job Seeking Strategy
  • Branding Yourself as an Instructional Designer
  • Acing the Interview
  • Revamping your LinkedIn Profile
  • How to Get Experience
  • Different Types of Contracts
  • W2, 1099, or Corp to Corp?
  • Pay Rates
  • Sole Proprietor or LLC?
  • Finding Remote Work
  • Strategies for Landing a Contract
  • Estimating Hours and Providing Cost Estimates
  • Working Your First Contract 



I work with people like you who are looking to transition to Instructional Design and eventually want a REMOTE career, but don't know where to start or how to gain that real-world knowledge.

I am the CEO of Learning Strategy and Design, a custom learning solutions firm that employs multiple contract remote IDs and designs and develops training for Fortune 500 companies. I have been in the Instructional Design field for 20 years, 6 of which has been working remotely with my own company.  I have had roles as a Senior Instructional Designer, eLearning Developer, Manager, etc. for clients in many industries including banking, healthcare, government, IT/Tech, customer service/retail, manufacturing, oil and gas, and Big 4 consulting. 

I'm also a single mom of a 14 year old son  and I am also a caregiver to my elderly mother.  This career has allowed me to pay off over $80k of debt, support both my son and my mother without worry, travel internationally 2-3 months a year, take care of my mom when she was going through cancer, and so much more.  I get teary eyed thinking about how my life would have been so different had I not found this career. 

My favorite hobby is traveling - it was my motivation for freelancing remotely in the first place! 60 countries down for me and 20 for my son - you can see some of them below! 


This is just a sample of the companies I have done work for:


You May Be Thinking - Is there Enough Work Out There, Especially Remotely?


I get it! When I was still working a full-time job, I had the same questions and the same fears.. Looking back, it's hard to imagine that I ever questioned remote work, but I did.

. Well, I'm here to tell you from the other side, that there is PLENTY! I recorded a short video of all of my invoices submitted for 2018 and 2019 to show you just how much work there is. These were for many different clients. I often have up to 10 projects at one time and have freelancers working for me, hence the reason there are so many in a short period.

I started by dipping my toe in and getting my first remote contract while working full-time, and that's what I suggest you do too, until you are comfortable. And I will be here to support you every step of the way! We will work on a strategy that makes you feel GOOD about this.

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Heather's Experience

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I was working a full time job that wasn't a good fit for me. I was unhappy mentally and physically. I decided that I needed a change and wanted more freedom. Freedom to work where and when was best for me. I was planning on quitting and starting my own business. I have been interested in instructional design for 5+ years but didn't know where to start. I started a trello board of ID vocabulary words and websites that talked about instructional design. It felt like a bottomless pit of information. I felt unorganized. I was considering an ID Masters or Certificate, but I wasn't even sure how to pick between the many programs out there. What did I need to learn? I was back at the beginning before I knew it.

I joined a number of online ID communities on LinkedIn and Facebook. FREEDOM Through REMOTE Instructional Design and eLearning Development was one of them. Through this group I found Jill's Coaching Program which I joined right away. The program gave me the confidence I needed to quit my full time job and become a Remote Instructional Designer.

Her coaching program has laid out exactly what I need to know and how to learn it. I have watched online videos, joined coaching calls, attended a 6 hour storyline bootcamp, and more. Jill's program is awesome and I am going to be working as a Remote Instructional Designer in no time!

~Heather Howes, Applied Instructional Design Academy student

**Heather has since gotten an ID contract in an area she really wanted to work in and is living out her purpose. 

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  • A comprehensive, proprietary step-by-step process for learning ID and eLearning Development that you won't find anywhere else
  • Over 80+ Trainings in a Student Portal Website with EVERYTHING you need to succeed in this career
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls and Mentorship (5+ a WEEK)
  • Detailed review of all portfolio samples
  • Feedback, guidance, and assistance on your resume, portfolio site, interview assessments, and mock interviews
  • A DIGITAL APPLIED INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN CREDENTIAL issued by Credly, composed of 8 Badges that shows in detail what you have done to potential employers 
  • A small Success Pod of other program members that meets every 2 weeks and encourages, motivates, and challenges you
  • Monthly Accountability Coaching with your Personal Success Advisor
  • Support from Instructional Design mentors
  • Private Community for feedback and peer support
  • Access to REAL WORLD Work Samples that you can deconstruct and analyze
  • Source Content Library to create your portfolio (no more looking for content to create samples)
  • Networking Calls, Co-Working Sessions, Book Club, Ad Hoc Trainings, Accountability Partners in the program, and MORE!
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Be one of the first 15 people to enroll and receive..

  • A FULL DAY LIVE Storyline Bootcamp with me (will be held on a Saturday) with implementation and practice files 
    • Triggers, States, Layers
    • Building interactions
    • Video, Audio synching
    • Best practices so you don't look like a "newbie"
  • Enroll by Sunday, 10/25, at 11:59pm CST and get a book bundle of my favorite Instructional Design books to help you on your journey!


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Erin Lana, Applied Instructional Design Academy Student

"I took Jill's program and can attest to her coaching abilities.  She always gives such helpful feedback on my projects, portfolio, and resume.  Her attention to detail and authentic concern for my success is refreshing.  I am highly recommending her to everyone I know.  If you decide to take her program, you will not regret it.  She's amazing at what she does and is inspiring me as I jump into this new career."

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Kate Compton, Applied Instructional Design Academy Student

"I took Jill's program and I am very glad I did.  It offered the structure necessary to wade through what can be an overwhelming swath of information.  One of the really nice things about her program is that is does give a clearly defined pathway to learning what you need to get going. She's been responsive beyond the call of duty to answer questions and offer advice.  At one point she offered 1:1 calls and I had just finished my first draft of my first Storyline sample.  She literally walked through the entire thing with me, slide by slide, giving pointers and explaining some advanced things I wanted to be able to do that she hadn't taught yet in the program."

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Stephanie Lynn, Applied Instructional Design Academy Student

"The accountability and encouragement have been great! The trainings are much more in depth and the best practices tips thrown into many of the trainings make it worth it!"

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Dyan Zuber, Applied Instructional Design Academy Student

"Man, you are worth every penny of this program!"


You close your eyes, hold your breath, and jump. You have to recognize it, push past it and train it to be quiet! Don't wait for it to go away.. for the "right time.. Because it won't go away and the "right" time will never come.  I promise. 

You wouldn't be looking at this page right now and I wouldn't have a coaching program if I waited for the "right" time. I told myself the same stories and didn't start this program for 2 years.. and I finally just took a leap of faith, cut off all my client income, and went all in. And I promise you, I STILL hear that voice sometimes, but I know how to push it to the side now. 

Even millionaires struggle with this.  The difference between someone who achieves their hopes and dreams and someone who doesn't is ACTION. 

Are you ready to take action and achieve FREEDOM?

9-Month Cohort

The program includes:

* Learning Instructional Design and eLearning Development

* Learning the required software tools

* Building a Portfolio and preparing your resume, LinkedIn, as well as learning interviewing skills

* Supporting you through the job seeking process

*Supporting you while working your first contract

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  • A proprietary step-by-step process for learning Instructional Design and eLearning Development
  • Training website with over 80 videos, checklists, cheat sheets, templates, and sample documents 
  • A digital credential with  badges issued by Credly with detailed information for employers on what you completed during the program
  • Lots of guidance, support, and feedback on your portfolio, resume, interview assessments, and mock interviews
  • Accountability coaching with your personal Success Advisor 
  • A small Success Pod of other program members that meets every 2 weeks
  • App to access training on the go
  • 5+ calls coaching calls every week
  • Private FB Group community
  • Detailed review of all portfolio samples
  • Co-working sessions and workshops with other members
  • ID Mentor support

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Financing Options


Credible allows you to compare rates from multiple lenders.

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Upstart and Lending Point require approval before you navigate to the checkout page.

If you need to spread out your payments you can check out the Personal Loan options through Upstart and Lending Point.  If approved they will send you the money directly which you can use to purchase the program. Note: Many of our members have success choosing the "Take a Course or Bootcamp" option on Upstart.

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PayPal approval happens in the process of checking out.

PayPal Credit offers financing options when you select "PayPal" for your payment option at checkout. Currently PayPal Credit offers no-interest credit if you pay off your loan in the first 6 months.

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